Our fabricators are skilled workmen dedicated to providing the customer with a high quality finished product. Each of our workers take pride in the work they do because they stand behind their work. This provides the customer not only with a high quality cosmetically finished product, but also a structurally sound and high strength piece of equipment. When our name is on a piece of equipment, it is guaranteed to be of the highest standard, and our fabricators take pride in that claim.

Each of our fabricators have an extensive knowledge of the tools and machines used in the fabrication process; but their skills don't stop there. They are also skilled workmen in the field. With a large employ, Signal Machine is able to send the people who have designed and fabricated the equipment into the field to install it as well. This provides better service and installation for the customer assuring the equipment is properly installed.

Working hand in hand with your plant or facility Signal Machine's employee's will provide the highest quality of craftsmanship from raw metal to running piece of equipment.