Precision. Speed. Repeatability. Those are just a few keys to the laser cutting process we can use for your business. When it comes to you purchasing equipment from us, our efficiency means you saving money. This is one of the tools to get the job done.

No matter what size job you have, if it can be cut, we can do it in a timely and cost efficient manner. Here are some spec's and general information on our Trumpf Laser:

•Can cut up to 1" thick carbon steel, 5/8 " Stainless Steel, and 1/2" aluminum

•Can run projects 24 hours with very little down time; our system has 2-beds that allows us to load 1 bed with material to be burned while the other bed is in the machine being cut

•Custom Programming to suit your needs working hand in hand with our design team integrating the laser programs straight out of Autodesk Inventor Series.